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Quit Rates and Job Opening Statistics Paint a Picture

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Some interesting facts were recently released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that we wanted to share with you on quit rates and job opening statistics. Over the years we have mentored and guided our clients to pay attention to why employees leave. What makes them quit?...

Hiring Young Seasonal Employees

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3-Reasons Why Hiring Young Seasonal Employees is Good for Your Business! There are many employers who depend on seasonal help throughout the year. If your business picks up around spring and summer or around holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas…you may be one of those...

Why We Love Employee Coaching And You Should Too!

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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between coaching and counseling? So how do you decide whether to coach an employee or counsel them? One of the biggest stumbling blocks for leaders is talking honestly with an employee about poor performance. Great communicators often...

4- Tips on Building A Successful Mentoring Program

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Do you feel like Mentoring might be one of those HR buzzwords? Maybe…but the premise behind mentoring new employees is not. Assigning your new employee a mentor is not about making sure they have a new friend. It’s about making sure your new employee has help navigating the...

Why Employees Leave

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Are you pushing your employees out the door? Your job as a manager of people doesn’t end once you hire them and make them feel welcome. You can’t charm them with all your new hire policies and then leave them to fend for themselves. Being a boss is a tough job – and if anyone led...

Engaging Your Employees in Your Social Marketing Strategy

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Engaging Your Employees in Your Social Marketing Strategy 3-Ways to Build Excitement and Commitment  One of the easiest ways to start to build your company’s reputation is to get your employees involved in your social marketing strategy. Don’t design your strategy in...