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High Performance Leadership…Managing the People Process

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“I’m too busy in meetings to be a leader…I spend most of my time in the trenches. Managing the people part of the process hasn’t been my highest priority.”  During a leadership training workshop with a team of middle managers last week, Carol and I heard this statement among many...

What’s Your Employee Experience?

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HR Leadership Trends Lean Toward More Social Experiences – What’s Your Employee Experience? I read something the other day that made an impact on my thinking…a full glass of water symbolizes a grown adult. Your glass starts out empty and as you grow and learn new...

Gearing Up for Millennial Leadership

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Chief Operating Officer Elizabeth Fanslow wants to know how your business is preparing for future leadership? How are you gearing up for millennial leadership? Carol and I have been working on a big research project this year:  How the Millennial Functions in the Work Place....