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They said it couldn’t happen but listen to this….

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An employer decided he had enough with employees’ sloppy way of clocking in and out and manager’s inability to keep track of their employees, so they installed a fancy (read that as super expensive) computerized time and attendance program that the manufacturer guarante...

Better To Understand the Full Story!

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Did you ever come across a situation where you thought it was one thing, jumped to a conclusion only to find out it was something entirely different? Well listen to this… During an after-hours conversation between several employees, one relatively new employee asked the question,...

How Prepared Are Your Employees?

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We ask this question all the time, just how prepared are you employees in the case of an emergency? Roy Maurer is an online editor/manager for SHRM and he recently wrote an article titled, ‘Half of Companies Not Prepared for Emergencies, Employees Say.’ We have been busy this...