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Carol WestberryIt’s time for a dynamic speaker.

Carol Westberry, SPHR, is an HR Guru and Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Author and Chief HR Passion Officer who brings her expertise and points of view to audiences around the country.

A message from Carol …

“I Love Human Resources! And while I know not everyone shares my passion of making sense out of the alphabet soup of employment laws, we all know that HR risk avoidance is crucial for businesses to survive. My number one goal is to provide straightforward, business-based solutions that are easy to implement and that will save time, money and heartache. With more than 30 years of practical, hands-on experience my goal is to make your HR compliance fast, easy and affordable.”

Topic Ideas

  • Insights on Successfully Running Your Operation

    Hear from an HR insider’s point of view about the impacts, pitfalls, and uplifting moments leaders can have on all aspects of running their business – especially the human side. Through our sometimes irreverent insights, Carol will shine a different light on the perception of Successfully managing people.
  • Interviewing Smart. Hiring Right!

    Before you make a mistake on that all important hiring decision, get the HR Guru’s scoop on how to conduct a savvy job search like an HR pro. Learn helpful tips and easy to follow guidelines that will take the guesswork out of interviewing Smart and Hiring Right.
  • High Performance Communication

    Take the guesswork out of what makes Communication work with one person, yet can effectively shut down another, using the fun and easy Color Code system. As a Certified Color Code Trainer, Carol will bring clarity to your discovering the power of Communicating effectively with everyone in your life.
  • Conference Presentations

    Following are some of the groups we’ve had the privilege of sharing our knowledge with. We appreciate the opportunity to meet with them and to be of service.

    • Lorman Education Services
    • Documents Employers Can’t Live Without
    • Professional Golfers Association (PGA) National Conferences Las Vegas/Orlando
    • No Deposit – No Return. Implementing Progressive Discipline
    • Legal Update – Who’s on First?
    • National Mortgage Brokers Association (NMBA) National Convention
    • Your Employees, You, and the Law
    • Florida Roundtable of Practicing C.P.A.s
    • Changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act
    • Construction Financial Managers Association Conference
    • Document to Win – Employee Handbooks v. Policy Manuals
    • Florida Association of Apartment Managers Florida Conference
    • The Employee Lifecycle
    • Florida Golf Course Owner’s Association Annual Conference
    • Survival Skills for Managers
    • Granite Golf Annual Manager’s Conference
    • Building the Culture
    • Transeastern Homes / Technical Olympic USA Executive Managers Conference
    • Discrimination & Harassment Prevention – Building Awareness
    • Inland Home Builders Executives and Partners Quarterly Conference
    • Documenting to Win – Risks, Realities, Rewards
    • CERTUS Corporate Annual SHINE Conference
    • Employee Lifecycle – Managing the Critical Four
    • Values We Live By

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What she’s up to…


Carol, I am sick and tired of all the staff telling me how much they enjoyed your presentation at yesterday’s retreat; I can’t take it anymore!

Many have told me that it was their favorite part of the day! Everyone has really gotten a lot out of the information you provided.

Well done, and THANK-YOU!!!

Stephen Koch, President, CEO & Big Brother Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay

“Carol makes very complex Human Resources issues easy to understand and put into practice. She knows firsthand the relevant and critical areas that you need to be tuned into.”

Robert “Bo” Liess, Executive Vice President, Choice Employer Solutions

“I enjoy working with you and having your support at my fingertips is so
comforting. The HRToolkits and website have helped me with so many day-to-day tasks. The information is fast and easy to use which helps cut down on time for research and gives me time to focus on the task at hand. Knowing I can find information quickly is helpful for me. I find that everyday something new comes across my desk and being quick on my feet is key in some situations.”

Trish Sevigny, HR Manager, Pepper Contracting Services

“I appreciate your efforts and getting our client heading in the right HR direction. They were pleased with what you have done.”

Rob Nation, ME Wilson