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Pay Discrimination

They said it couldn’t happen but listen to this….

When pay discrimination comes back to bite you based on your employee handbook…listen up!

A female bank employee quit after 25 years, because a male co-worker earned more than she did. She filed an Equal Pay Act (EPA) lawsuit and won. But that wasn’t all.

Because the EPA allows employees to win double damages and an additional year’s back pay if they can prove the violation was “willful,” the former employee claimed the company handbook proved intent to discriminate.

She pointed to a policy that addressed scheduling problems for “ladies with children going to school” and another one that said employees couldn’t use sick leave for maternity leave. These policies, she said, reinforced a corporate attitude that men are more valuable employees than their female counterparts.

Simpson v. Merchant and Planters Bank, No. 04-3972 (8th Cir.)