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They said it couldn’t happen but listen to this….

An employer decided he had enough with employees’ sloppy way of clocking in and out and manager’s inability to keep track of their employees, so they installed a fancy (read that as super expensive) computerized time and attendance program that the manufacturer guaranteed couldn’t be fooled.  Fast forward a couple of months…

The owner of the company was entertaining a client at a local sports bar / restaurant only to overhear a patron sitting at the bar engaged in a guidance conversation with what appeared to be one of his clients.  As he eavesdropped on the phone call, he become more certain that this bar patron, with two beers and an order of nachos in front him, was conducting a company business phone call…discussing HIS company’s business.

After he left his client at the door, he went directly to the office to check the time and attendance system.  What it revealed made him stop dead.  The employee was clocked into the system, and it showed he was on the clock at work.  When the owner confronted the employee’s manager, the manager told him that the “employee was there.”  Following a quick little search, obviously the employee was nowhere to be found.  When the employee showed up at work the next day, the manager asked where he had been yesterday, and the employee said, “Working.  Just check my time card.  I clocked in and clocked out just like the policy says.”

Long story short, the employee (and several others) had found a way around the system’s technology and were able to clock in and out from remote locations without being detected by this new fancy system.  Was it entirely the system’s fault?  Absolutely not.  Managers who fail to personally engage their employees daily, risk disconnecting from employees…in more ways than one.