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The FLSA Overtime Rule Has Been Blocked!

Stop the Presses!!!

The FLSA Overtime Rule Has Been Blocked! A Texas federal court has temporarily blocked the implementation of the new FLSA changes scheduled to go into effect on December 1st.

Employers are now given some time before they are required to increase the salary threshold for exempt status employers. According to the articles published by Fisher Phillips and other Employment Law Groups, while this ruling may be overturned on appeal, employers will not be penalized for maintaining the status quo of the current exempt salary amount and exemption status of jobs.

If you have already made changes to your employees’ salary amount or exemption status, it might be unpopular to reverse course now. You might want to consider waiting until a final decision is reached in court, Congress, and the White House before doing anything further.

If you have been waiting until December 1st to implement the changes, you have the option of putting any changes on hold until the final decision is made however, it’s important to communicate to your workforce that the expected changes are going to be delayed given the new court ruling, and advise them that you will let them know about any changes, if and when, the FLSA rule changes go into effect.

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