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Time is Running Out…Are You Ready for FLSA?

Time is Running Out…Are You Ready for FLSA?

Time is Running Out…Are You Ready for FLSA?

FLSA changes are almost here and I can’t open my Inbox, read an article, or even run into someone where the topic doesn’t turn to the looming Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Changes deadline and the hope that will be saved at the last minute by a congressional bill or the upcoming elections. Sometimes I just want to say, “Hey People! It’s not going away anytime soon and if you’re waiting to take action, then you’re just begging to be one of the sorry folks who will be calling with tales of their Wage & Hour woes. Time is running out…are you ready for FLSA?

In a recent private webinar I did for Big Brothers Big Sisters we had over 175 smart savvy people tune in. Joel Barras, Partner at ReedSmith, joined me on this one-hour webinar where we did our best to educate our participants on what to expect on Dec.1 and what they absolutely need to do NOW to beat the upcoming challenges. Unfortunately our time was limited so we asked the participants to submit any questions they might have via our chat box. It was flooded with people leaving questions long after the session ended about every FLSA topic you can imagine.

What that’s telling me is most people still have questions about the basics of the FLSA regulations and are confused about what it means to them. We at The Westberry Group and thru our webinars are working with our partners to bridge the educational gaps and to get organizations moving rapidly in the directions that will keep their companies safe from risk of severe penalties from a Wage & Hour investigator’s audit or worse yet from trying to defend themselves from a very, very costly lawsuit.

I know, I know. None of your employees would complain to the Department of Labor because everyone is happy and everyone loves working for you. But as my good friend Joel (the attorney) pointed out…”All it takes is one unhappy former employee to bring it all tumbling down around you. Do you really want to take that chance?” I don’t think so. Frankly, if you’re reading you’re a lot smarter than that or you won’t let it happen.

Because I get really cranked up on this topic and very critical to your company, I’d really like you have your “listening ears” tuned up too LOUD.

There is NO magic bullet on the horizon and there definitely is NO white knight on their mighty stallion going to ride in at the 11th hour and save you from this change.

If you’re waiting for the elections to see which way the wind will blow, forget that hope. After listening to both candidates it’s not even on their radar much less a pressing item on their political agenda- not for either candidate. And as far as our Congress is concerned, they’ve had 2 years to make a move. If you believe that introducing a bill at this time is going to go anyway before their Christmas break much less before the start of 2017…well I’m sure the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are really welcomed at your house.

Seriously, we’re already out of time for any effective modifications to be to get put in place before the Dec. 1st FLSA changes becomes mandatory for every US Company.   All I can say to you is: Start when you finish this article to get your program off the ground and completed in place by the Dec. 1st effective date. The DOL Wage & Hour Division has said over and over that employers have been given all the time they are going to get to make the necessary changes. They are coming out of the gate with their guns blazing and if you’re in one of their targeted industries (construction, hospitality, retail, etc.…) you’re in for a very bumpy and possibly costly time.

Don’t know where to start or needs more answers, visit us at You’ll find everything you need to get your FLSA moving forward. Join those hundreds of people who wanted more than they ever imagined and found their answers for only $219 when they purchased the FLSA Boot Camp Toolkit at