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Overtime Ruling & Minimum Wage Updates

Yesterday’s breaking news from the Society of Human Resources Management …  The Overtime Ruling is coming fast and furiously, may be announced as early as this week!   Please take time to read the article published by Allen Smith to  learn about the newest development that may affect all of your exempt employees including  your telecommuters. According to the latest news telecommuters may bear the brunt of this change.Take a look at the latest article from SHRM: Overtime Rule is Imminent.

Also some updated information on minimum wage.

This was just published on April 21, 2016 in the Department of Labor’s News Blog  in their DOL in Action.  It’s something that we should all be aware of.
Increasing the wage:  The Raise the Wage Act, legislation that would increase the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $12 an hour, was championed by Secretary Perez, Sen. Patty Murray of Washington State, Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and other members of Congress on April 21. Perez and members of Congress heard from workers like Jessica Wynter Martin, who shared her story about trying to make ends meet as a tipped wage worker.

President Obama and Perez believe raising the minimum wage is crucial to continuing to create shared prosperity for everyone and are committed to continuing to push for progress at the federal level.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.