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Using Social Media as a Powerful Recruiting Resource

Social Media for Recruiting, The Westberry Group

Finding the right candidate for a new position has really never been easier…and in most cases less costly. Social media gives you and your business the ability to stand out from the rest.

So take this opportunity to create a job posting that sets your business out from all the others. Be unique and show your applicants why applying for your job would be a great career move for them.

Make your job offer irresistible, fun, and interesting. Let me give you a few tips about how to create a unique job posting and where to post it!


  1. Write your job posting to include all the job responsibilities and expectations. Always make sure your job posting is accurate. Not every job is all glamour, so include the good, bad, and ugly. Be honest and never make it sound better than it is. Doing so will only disillusion your new recruit once they get in the job and see what it’s really like.
  2. Instead of posting the old standard job posting word doc…dress it up and make it unique. Do you have other staff members? Share some pictures of your staff and your office. Show your culture, the benefits and fun you have with your team. Create a hiring package that reflects your brand. Is it a fun brand? A classy brand? Whatever image you portray as part of your brand – let your hiring packet reflect that brand! I recently saw a hiring packet on line that was so amazingly developed that by the time I got through the packet…I wanted to apply! It looked like a great job, working with a great team and I could feel the company’s passion and mission in that hiring packet. That’s the unique feel you are looking to create.
  3. How do you feel about video? Nothing is more powerful than sharing a video. It makes the hiring process more personal and works on building relationships with those candidates who are interested in applying. Create a video that talks about your company and what type of position you are interested in hiring for…share your office, show them their workspace…create interest in applying.


So where is the best place to share these things on Social Media? And what’s the best way to share?

  • LinkedIn: Offers Paid Job Boards or Post Status Updates Free
    If you have worked on building an established network and have quite a few connections, start by sharing a status update or post. LinkedIn allows you to post links and videos. Do you have a company page with a large amount of connections – post your job there too.
    You can also use LinkedIn Job Boards, which is a paid service.
  • Facebook: Offers Paid Ads or Boosts or Free Updates
    With Facebook you have the ability to use your existing network of followers and post free status updates or you can place paid ads to a targeted audience that you create. This is one of the most affordable options in social media.
    Facebook allows you to post links, documents and videos. According to BLR, more college grads and millennials are using Facebook to find jobs than any other source.
  • Twitter: Offers Paid Ads or Free Tweets
    Twitter is much like Facebook…you have the ability to post paid ads as well as free posts. Twitter is all about keywords / hash tags. So think of using #jobpost # employment #hiring hash tags so your posts will be searchable.

Social media allows viewers to share and circulate your posts to those people they think might be interested in your job posting. It’s like having a referral service at your fingertips!

Have fun with your job posting and take the time to share your company culture, your passion and mission. Start building those relationships at first contact!

Interested in learning more about recruiting and selection – for more information check out our website for our Recruiting & Selection Toolkit and our Webinar Series in January