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Little Investments Can Yield Great Results

The Westberry Group, Carol Westberry, HR Consultant

Little Investments Can Yield Great Results especially when you are investing in the future of your new hire…

You interviewed… a lot of people…and you finally found the right person. Good for you! But not so fast…your onboarding process isn’t over yet.

Did you know that the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) statistics show that 86% of new hires make their decision to leave or stay within the first six months?

Your new employee will not assimilate into your company culture on his or her own. It is your job to ensure that your new employee stays engaged and transitions into your organization with ease.

You should remember what it feels like to be the new kid on the block. It can be scary, overwhelming, and just a little intimidating. Don’t forget that feeling, because you new hires will always have it and you have to make sure you do your part to ease them into day-to-day interactions and work flows.

“Don’t assume they will be engaged and productive immediately. They won’t!”

So what can you do to help make this process less painful?

  • Start conversations
  • Ask questions
  • Make them feel valued

Wow…you might be saying, “That’s a lot of work!” Well yes it is, but so is being a manager. You have responsibilities to your staff and to the organization you work for to ensure that all the money and time you spent recruiting this individual isn’t wasted.

As part of our Orientation & OnBoarding Toolkit we share this helpful document called:

Questions To Ask Your New Employee:15-Questions to Ask an Employee During the First 60-Days of Employment

This will help you start to create conversations with your new hire, because we know from experience that little investments can yield great results.

Use it to help you get started and by all means create questions that work within your culture, organization, or industry. Having these questions available will help you create the conversations you need to have with a new hire.

Always ask them if they have any questions or suggestions. The most important job you have is to make sure they feel valued in their new environment.