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Is Telecommuting Right for My Business

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Many business owners are asking, ‘is telecommuting right for my business?’ Here are some thoughts for you to ponder before you decide… You’re probably seeing a trend in some of our articles over the past few months…. and this one will strike a chord when it...

Transitioning Your Workplace for Transgender Employees

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There are lots of changes in the work place these past few months and gender identity is right up there on the top. Transitioning your workplace for transgender employees is something you may need some clarifying information on soon! Caitlyn Jenner’s (formerly known as Bruce...

Gearing Up for Millennial Leadership

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Chief Operating Officer Elizabeth Fanslow wants to know how your business is preparing for future leadership? How are you gearing up for millennial leadership? Carol and I have been working on a big research project this year:  How the Millennial Functions in the Work Place....