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Let’s Get This Intern Program Started!

The Westberry Group, Carol Westberry

I bet your singing ‘Let’s get this party started’…aren’t you? Sorry, but singing keeps us happy here at The Westberry Group! But I digress…

It seems that every year around this time the topic of Internships crosses our desks here at The Westberry Group. Employers have a lot of questions about how they work and how they impact their businesses.

Last year the big topic with internships was how FLSA applied to their intern. For more information on that topic you can click over to the blog post here:

But for businesses that are looking to attract the best and brightest an internship program can be just that ticket! Your internship program should also mesh well with your recruiting programs. When it’s time to hire, your intern has the jump on any new employee that you could bring in the door. They know the ropes, understand the processes and are ready to work.

This pipeline of raw talent is just waiting for you to mold them into your perfect employee. What’s not to love about that idea? You have already worked with them and should know their personality, qualifications, and their success rate with your company. Making a decision should be pretty simple.

Getting Started With Your Internship Program

However, starting an internship program may not be as simple as it seems. There are strict rules for employers through the Department of Labor and the criteria must be followed whether they are a volunteer or a paid employee. So we urge you to create an internship program before you hire your first intern. Some states have additional criteria so we suggest you work with a qualified HR Team or Employment Legal team to create a program that will ensure you are doing everything by the book.

While it sounds like a cumbersome process the pros outweigh the cons. Interns are interested in working for you. They want the experience on their resume…a college grad can often be overlooked because they don’t have real life experience yet. So learning on the job is one-way interns can spiff up that resume!

According to Boston based Burning Glass who focuses on career exploration…most interns start looking for positions as early as February and March. Matt Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass states that if interns don’t have an internship by May they may be out of luck. He also shares that the top 3 industries for interns are based in

  • Arts, Video, and Graphic Design
  • Engineering
  • Communications, Marketing, and Social Media.

“It’s also important to note…that significant numbers of employers hire their interns for full-time work, and up to half of those workers are still with the
employer five years later,”
states Sigelman.

Are you interested in starting an Internship Program in your business? Not sure how to get started…give us a call at The Westberry Group at (813) 677-1335 or email us at

For more information on the Burning Glass: “No Experience Needed-The State of American Internships, 2015” written by Matt Sigelman, CEO.