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Let’s Get This Intern Program Started!

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I bet your singing ‘Let’s get this party started’…aren’t you? Sorry, but singing keeps us happy here at The Westberry Group! But I digress… It seems that every year around this time the topic of Internships crosses our desks here at The Westberry Group. Employers have a lot of...

Does Your Dress Code Support Your Business Image?

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Dress code conversations are sparking controversy everywhere. From what prom dresses are acceptable to what kids can wear to school on a day-to-day basis. So when we talk about dress code at work, we can get many different points of view. So does your dress code support your...

The YouTube Rule

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Are you following the YouTube Rule? Recently, a manager returned home after the office day from h— only to have his son greet him with, “Boy Dad, you’re in big trouble.” Not really knowing what was going on, he approached his very angry wife only to learn that today’s...