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Engaging Your Employees in Your Social Marketing Strategy

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Engaging Your Employees in Your Social Marketing Strategy

3-Ways to Build Excitement and Commitment 

One of the easiest ways to start to build your company’s reputation is to get your employees involved in your social marketing strategy. Don’t design your strategy in a bubble…include your employees!

There are 3-examples of how you can get your employees engaged in what your company is doing on social media platforms:

  1. We know that when employees love what they do and are passionate about why they do it…they can be your best marketing tools! For instance, one of my clients does a lot of things for the community. They have one employee who is so over the top proud of what they do for the community that she is always liking the corporate posts and then sharing them on her personal page with comments like, “this is why I love where I work”!She continually shows her enthusiasm by letting her family and friends know who much she loves her employer, who is a restaurant franchisee. In return her family and friends support her and her employer. Get it?



  1. Secondly, take time to train your employees on how to use social media to boost your marketing efforts. Most people use social media platforms for personal relationships. Take the time to teach them how to use those same platforms for business reasons. When they better understand how they can support you, they might make more of an effort to be a part of the process.


  1. And one last tip, which I think is the most important…bring your employees in the loop by allowing them to help you create the content you use on your social platforms. Your employees have a lot of knowledge about your business; don’t by pass them in this process.Ask their opinion about what they think your customers might be interested in hearing about. For instance, one of my clients asked his 2-customer service representatives what information they would like to contribute. One representative explained that they get a ton of phone calls about how to complete one of their forms. She thought that a how-to-article might answer some of the customer’s questions.They posted a blog post on their website under the FAQ section and spotlighted it in their social media posts that month. They were happy to see that they had a reduction of calls surrounding that issue and that customers seemed less irritated when dealing with those situations.


When you take the time to include your employees and staff you will notice their engagement, as well as their enthusiasm, increase around your social media platforms and your company as a whole.


 About the Author: Elizabeth Fanslow delivers the COO on Demand and CMO on Demand option to entrepreneurs and small to medium size business owners. Her extensive experience in Business & Social Marketing Strategy give her the edge to take your business to the next level. 

Elizabeth is most successful in translating your vision into strategic action. She is a C-Level thought leader who helps business owners define strategy. She has the ability to challenge strategic thinking and then works in participating in defining it; implementing it. She is the master at driving strategy through organized processes. Clients are always impressed with her organized plans and how easy it is to meet goals when she is at the helm.

She is able to adapt to fast changing environments. Not only does she thrive on constant change and challenges but she is successful in garnering support from all those involved in the change.

Throughout her 30-years of experience she has gained a sense of leadership that has built company culture into environments that thrive and succeed. Elizabeth believes in building communities that have respect, talent, fun, and growth. She brings those same skills into her client’s environment and helps build teams that brainstorm and meet goals together.

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